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Effective Time Tracking

With YoCo's clock in and clock out records, you can get powerful insight into your employees' time on the job. Even the staff, who are on the go, can use their smart phones to log into the account and clock in. Whether you want to track your employees' attendance in real time, or wish to take a glance at it sometime later by exporting your team's data in CSV format, which can then be incorporated into your monthly report or imported into your payroll system, you can do them all. Even when you need to check hours on the job for a particular date range, you can get it easily via YoCo, as and when you need it.

Easy Payroll Processing

YoCo's user-friendly hours tracker is built for speed. Time keeping with YoCo is so simple that once you start using it, you won't think about using anything else. Whether you need to track hours for your full-time employees or want reports for part-time workers who need to be paid hours or weekly wages, you can easily do them all with YoCo. Apart from tracking clock in and clock out records in real time, you can even export this data in CSV format and push it into your payroll system to process payrolls faster. So, whether you need to check the overtime, weekly/daily hours on the job, or want to generate monthly reports for multiple projects, YoCo can handle them all

The Hours Tab

Gives a summary of the hours the user has invested on a job each day together with the option to filter the information showed.


Displays the user's previous adjustment requests and their status along with facilitating the user to request adjustments to the Admin.

Thus, even when an employee forgets to clock in or clock out, s/he can request the Admin to make the necessary adjustments and even see the status of such requests via this tab of YoCo. Such transparency encourages better work culture and eventually improved productivity. It even breeds loyalty towards the organization as this time tracking system can be used to reward and recognize the efficient employees.

To take your business to the next level, you need to have adequate information about every aspect of it to make informed decisions. This includes tracking your employees' time on the job as well as delegating work and keeping a close eye on the progress of projects.

With YoCo, you can now track your employees' clock in and clock out times effectively, generate reports and payrolls easily, and stay organised. So, what's not to love?