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Why use YoCo?

YoCo offers a one-stop solution for your attendance tracking and payroll needs. Whether you are a small business or a large company, collecting attendance data from a register or punch clock, making separate calculations for monthly and hourly workers and then processing the payrolls comprise of an uphill task. Since manual labor is involved in these processes, they are error-prone too. With YoCo, you can create accurate reports to track your employees' clock in and clock out records easily. You can even export the data in a CSV format and push it into your payroll system to prepare monthly reports easily and process wages faster. Paying hourly workers also becomes a breeze as you can easily get their hours worked on the job from YoCo.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

You can track your employees' time on the job from anywhere and at any time with this free time clock. Thus, YoCo gives you the power of real time tracking without the need of paying anything.

Quick Setup and Effective Tracking

Setting up this free time clock is pretty simple. You just have to create an account as the Admin and then you can start adding employees to each project using YoCo's "invite-only" feature. You may either create a single project or multiple ones, based on your requirements. The employees can clock in and clock out at the start of their work day and when they leave office by logging into their respective accounts. This way, you can keep track of who's coming when and their time of leaving. Once you have added your employees to a project, you can even assign them tasks and monitor their progress. Thus, this free time clock doesn't merely track time. It even helps you perform some of your managerial tasks, be it delegation of work, monitoring it or getting the payrolls processed quickly.

With so much on offer, without asking you to pay any money, this free time clock is indeed a win-win situation for every business. So, when do you plan to leverage this tool to enforce employee accountability and track their time on the job to give your productivity a boost?