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How's YoCo Different?

Unlike traditional time trackers that need multiple people to manage things and even require investment to maintain hardware, YoCo has a simple, user-friendly, web-based interface that can help in a lot of ways. Project managers and business owners can get real time updates of the staff spending time at work, and even user the data to generate monthly reports or import the same in CSV format and then push it into their payroll for quick payment of wages. The staff, on the other hand, can easily log into their accounts to clock in and clock out, without the need of their managers hovering over them. Best of all, YoCo is free. So, you can streamline your processes and enjoy better time management with YoCo, without spending a dime.

How Can YoCo Help Your Business?

With YoCo, you can understand your company's workflow better, and get a clear view of how your employees are spending their efforts and time. This way, you as well as the project managers can make adjustments to tasks and projects, while providing additional help in terms of human resources to those teams that need it. Thus, you can put your resources to optimum use while staying on track to meet your deadlines.

YoCo even lets you delegate work to your staff and monitor it as you can easily modify the role of a member via your Admin account

In case your business charges clients based on the hours worked, you need this free time tracking software all the more. After all, incorrect billable hours can either drive away clients (if you're charging too much) or harm your business (if you're charging too less). Both these scenarios will make you lose money and affect your business adversely. With YoCo, you can rest assured that you are charging your clients just what's payable, and not the wrong amount.

An efficient, easy-to-use, free time tracking software like YoCo brings several benefits for businesses, some of which are listed above. Check it out today to get an idea of how YoCo can empower your business with accurate time tracking and much more.