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WHAT is YoCoBoard?

An online time-tracking app that helps you log your working hours and track your productivity. YoCoBoard provides you an optimal way to track time spent on projects and tasks simultaneously as you work on them.

WHO is YoCoBoard essentially for?

  • Remote teams
  • Startups
  • Distibuted Offices
  • Enteprises

Designed for both employees and employers alike, YoCoBoard empowers your team to track time online for effective time management. We help you track your session with a single click, quantify your sessions with descriptions, and generate a report of your working hours.

HOW can I use YoCoBoard to track my time and productivity?

With YoCoBoard, you can proactively measure the time spent on new tasks. Stay in control of your deliverables by:

  • Logging your work hours
  • Tracking time spent on tasks/projects
  • View, download and share work reports
  • Post feeds and interact with team members
  • Confirm the billable hours for your team members

WHY use YoCoBoard? How can its features benefit my business?

In addition to time tracking and productivity assessment, YoCoBoard features a visual peerboard of all your employees, clocked in and available for the day.

Use our mobile app to clock in and out via your Android or iOS device. Record your productivity from anywhere.

I have employees working across multiple locations. So, do I need to create multiple accounts?

YoCoBoard is designed for all types of teams, whether cubicle-bound, remote or distributed. Our unique location tracking feature allows you to read your employee's timezone as it were your own zone.

Can I integrate YoCoBoard with other apps?

We believe work happens when you collaborate and so YoCoBoard has been designed to work when coupled with other popular software apps as well.

So, go ahead and integrate with software like Slack, Zapier, Zendesk and Trello to bring time tracking to apps that you already work with.