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Free Online Trello Time Tracking App

The YoCoBoard-Trello integration is an extended feature of the YoCoBoard Chrome extension that gives you a free tracking app to help you track your time spent on different tasks in Trello.

How does the YoCoBoard-Trello Integration work?

Once you install the YoCoBoard Chrome extension in your Chrome browser, a mini YoCo widget will appear right next to the address bar. Click on the YoCo Chrome extension to log in and then choose the option to add YoCo to Trello.

When you expand a card to view its details, you will see a YoCo button that enables you to clock in right from inside a Trello card. Clicking again will enable you to clock out from that session. When you switch from one card to another card, clocking in from Trello will end the session for the previous card and start a new session with the new card. The YoCoBoard-Trello integration morphs into a shift-tracking app that gives you a complete breakdown of your Trello productivity.

How the YoCoBoard-Trello Integration Works for Your Business

One Extension

No extra installation. Add YoCoBoard from the Chrome extension directly to Trello.

Analyze Productivity

Real-time tracking helps you identify Trello cards that consume the most work hours.


Record a card-specific split up of your productivity on the YoCoBoard web app.

The YoCoBoard-Trello integration empowers you to record the working hours of your shift devoted to various Trello cards. Add more substance to your productivity for analysis and don't let time go unaccounted for using this integration.

Get the free YoCoBoard extension to track time and productivity on your Chrome browser now. Read our in-depth step-by-step support article on how you can integrate YoCoBoard with Trello. Or, contact us at support@yocoboard.com and we'd be happy to help! Don't have an account? Sign up here