YoCoBoard is perfect for engaging with your:

  • Projects

    Easy project creation, and track your employee progress

  • Time Tracking

    Get rid of classic punchcards, and start tracking time on cloud

  • Payroll

    Decrease time on payroll process

  • Reports

    YoCo board increase the information flow.

Track & Approve ClockIn Adjustments

Forgot to clock-in? No worries, it happens. With YoCo, they're easy to fix. Users can change their clocked hours as needed so the results are always accurate and submit corrections to the group administrator, who can approve or deny the request.

  • peers


    Peers feature displays the avatars of everyone on your team who is currently clocked in. You can share a status update or request one from your coworker and helps you keep your team's work transparent and coordinated.
  • track-time

    Track Time

    Time is precious. Measuring the minutes you spend on your projects helps you manage resources and energy and you can track the time you spend on simply by punching in and out and you'll know just how much time you spent on each activity.
  • build-reports

    Build Reports

    YoCo can export your clock-in hours in CSV format for easy importing into your payroll system or monthly report. Pick your date range and get the hours you need when you need them either for yourself or for your entire team.