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Our Feature Board

Create Projects

Create multiple projects for your skilled workforce. Track and access the time split between different individuals on various tasks. YoCo is a smart app built for smart workforce.

Time Tracking

Get the full scoop on an individual's work hours starting from clock in time, between breaks and time-off, all the way to clock out time. Trust us, it's all there now.

Easy Adjustment

Forgetting is no longer a serious offense. Enter adjustment request when you've missed clocking in or clocking out on time. YoCo is a virtual time tracker, it's built for humans.

Calculate Payroll

YoCo doesn't just stop with tracking time, it also effectively tracks billable hours of your staff. Payroll becomes stress free and easy with YoCo.

Generate Reports

Generate reports of the workable hours with a built-in filter. Now you can find the sloggers and slackers of each date, week, or month.

Peer Board

Your workers get funky avatars in YoCo. The interactive peer board automatically displays staff avatars when they clock in and vanish when they clockout.

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Hours Tracked So Far!

A free cloud-based time tracking software for your entire workforce across timezone.

iOS and Android

Your cloud-based time tracking app
comes to your iOS and Android
devices. Let your staff clock in and
clock out easily with just a tap.

iOS app Android app
Mobile app for Yocoboard
  • We truly are your happiest customers!

    As a Startup business, we have been struggling to put our budget together. Lots of team-building, hoping, development and disappointment with delays beyond our control. That equals a lot of turn over, as people leave, and do less for us, and we need to share our vision with new hopefuls regularly, with all of us intent on making this work.

    What YoCo offers us, is the next best thing to fundraising. Our... Read more

    Rober Strutin

    Robert Strutin - CEO, IMU Studios

  • We are really happy to use YocoBoard, it's solution brings to our company a better organization and more flexibility to our employees and to our clients. It's the better and simplest solution... Read more

    Juan Suarez

    Juan Suarez - MYDESIGN ( eCommerce & Advertising )

  • Three years ago I started working remotely for a startup company and we needed to sort out a way to track everyone's hours in a more professional way, so we started working alongside YoCo Board. Since then, the entire team is using YoCo Board today, to track their work hours. It's an awesome platform, with simple and clean interface... Read more

    Henrique Mendes

    Henrique Mendes - Lead Artist, IMU Studios

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