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Project management simplified

Asana is an online project management app that makes it easy for teams to work and collaborate efficiently. It provides a visual board for teams to breakdown projects, assign them to members, and track progress, ensuring that the journey of a project is recorded from its creation to completion. Asana gives you compelling reasons to switch from sticky notes to a comprehensive online project manager that helps you conserve resources and helps decode teamwork better.

Manage tasks and goals

Asana enables teams to outline a detailed roadmap for members to work efficiently. The virtual board gives you the task description, team members assigned to it, the status of progress and the history of developments. Asana also lets you integrate your business tools so that you focus on the task at hand rather than switching from one app to another.

A time tracker inside Asana

YoCoBoard is an online time tracking software created to help teams or individuals track time spent on a project and manage their working hours better. With YoCoBoard, make time tracking accessible for multiple projects, and team members working across the globe.

Tracking productivity on YoCoBoard is super easy and clock-ins and clock-outs are accomplished with just a click. YoCoBoard creates a report of your team's productivity, simplifying the payroll process and your saving time sheets in the cloud.

YoCoBoard-Asana Integration

The YoCoBoard-Asana integration brings time tracking to Asana for your team's convenience. Empower teams to track time from inside a task that they are working on. Each clock-in will create a corresponding entry along with the task description on YoCoBoard to ensure that every minute of productivity is recorded.

To install this integration, add the YoCoBoard Chrome extension to your Chrome web browser. After enabling the Chrome extension, a YoCoBoard widget is embedded on all tasks in your Asana project board. The integration negates the necessity of manual work so that your team has more time to do what they do best.

Time your tasks with a toggle

The YoCoBoard-Asana integration brings time tracking to apps that your team uses. Automate elements of time tracking and minimize the effort placed on your team's work hours. Analyze productivity and understand effort involved to improve decision making and allocate resources efficiently.

Give your team the best of online time tracking in a project management tool that they are familiar with.

Learn more about how you can improve teamwork and gift your team more time by bringing time tracking one step closer to where they work with our YoCoBoard-Asana resource page. Or, contact us at support@yocoboard.com and we'd be happy to help! Don't have an account? Sign up here >>