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Robert Strutin
CEO, IMU Studios

YoCoBoard has let us start up and track the work times of our game creators. This is vital for us to record everyone's contribution as we near our big game reveal and acquire funding for our project. YoCoBoard's secure time logging in is our investment right now!!

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Neil Robb

Love the simplicity of YoCoBoard. I am always in and out of tasks and YoCoBoard makes it very easy to clock in and out. When i review i can make adjustments where necessary. YoCoBoard helps me keep track of my working life. Perhaps i should use it for personal life too.

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Kevin Payne
Director, FULL Creative

YoCoBoard is a great time tracking application and I really like it when I'm able to see my peers who are clocked in from different locations across the world and how much they contribute on their projects.

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Ben Allen
Client Account Manager

YoCoBoard is a great tool for our remote work model. As well as being able to seamlessly log in from anywhere in the world, I am also able to access and generate reports based on my team's log in details and hours. This then translates across to our payroll department with complete transparency for employer and employees alike. Syncing to my local timezone is a great addition. It is super user friendly and great as a standalone piece of software or as a integration with your existing systems.

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Saranya Shanmugavel
Team Lead, AdaptiveU

With YoCo, its very easy for me to track my co-workers time. With integrations like Slack, it automatically pushes the information when each person show up for their day. Making them accountable than the typical managerial approach.

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Gayathri Venkatasayee
Asst. Mgr. (Operations & Performance)

YoCoBoard - very cool cloud based time tracking system. It is amazing that app is smart enough to handle different time zones across the globe. Cool feature is YoCo are capable enough to show the time records both in admin and user time zone as how we wish. A perfect tool any remote worker whose hours needs to be tracked seamlessly accurate.

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Velmurugan Ganesan
Human Resource

YoCoBoard provides simple, transparent reporting of peers no matter where our employees are working from. No geographical barriers and no need to worry about timezones. YoCoBoard gives the flexibility to view reports in any timezone.

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