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YoCoBoard for Your Devices

The Web App

The YoCoBoard web app promises you an incredible solution for your time tracking needs. The web app comes loaded with powerful features embedded in a user-friendly environment.

The Android App

Your Android powered device can turn into your mobile time tracker. Download the YoCoBoard mobile app from Google Play store for free and start tracking time when you're away from your desk.

The iOS App

Transform your iOS powered mobile device into a mini time tracker with the free YoCoBoard app available on the App Store. Now, make all the time count with just a tap when you're on the go.

ios app android app

YoCoBoard for the Super You

The super powers you need to manage your workforce's time

Create and Customize

Create an account to become the super admin for the account. Add members and configure the profile, time format, and other settings that govern time tracking for your organization.

Process Billable Hours

Calculating payroll becomes simple with billable hours at your grasp. Distinguish between days worked, days skipped, hours shorted and hours exceeded.

Deputize Your Peers

As an admin, you can designate admin privilages to other peers belonging to your organization. You can also set the level of access for the other admins.