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Project Management Made Easy

Trello is a web-based project management tool that helps you organize your tasks and track their progress. The ease of use and a simple UI enabled Trello to become one of the most widely used tools for teams and businesses of all sizes. Employees can leverage features like labels to indicate status, set due-dates, and post comments to improve collaboration and boost productivity.

Create Your Digital Task Board

What can your team do with Trello? Create lists to build out your workflows and start adding cards for each task to be accomplished. Provide descriptions and assign members so everyone on your team will know the task at hand and can start filling in their status updates. Trello's notification system helps keep your team in the loop, proactively alerting them about deadlines and card activity.

Your Online Employee Time Tracker

YoCoBoard is a free online time-tracking software that's designed to help you track work hours and manage payroll processing with ease. Unlike other apps that are too complex to comprehend, YoCoBoard can be set up for your agile teams in no time.

YoCoBoard understands the necessity of delivering the right mix of productivity tools to manage your projects and deadlines via its smart integrations. The YoCoBoard-Trello integration improves transparency with your remote teams by enabling peers to track their time spent on each card.

Activating the YoCoBoard-Trello Integration

To use the integration, you must first install the YoCoBoard Chrome extension from the Chrome store. Once the YoCoBoard Chrome extension is enabled for Trello, a clock-in button will appear on the right-side of the card to remind you to track every minute of this work. Once clocked-in, the button will automatically turn into a clock out button. Managing your workforce is also easier as you can view the details of the task that your employees worked on YoCoBoard.

Using the YoCoBoard-Trello Integration

The YoCo-Board-Trello integration helps distributed teams assess their productivity through a simple Chrome extension. Once enabled, a single click on the Trello card will automatically push the title of the card you are working on and post it as a task description in YoCoBoard. Once you complete the task, click the clock-out button to complete the session and create a time entry for that task. Quantify your working hours with legitimate sessions to streamline the payroll process for your organization's HR team.

Accountability at a Click

The Trello integration eliminates ambiguity along with the manual work of adding task descriptions. Automate how you track time right from Trello, at the click of a button. Let your workforce enjoy the best of your online time tracking system to assess tasks that consume their maximum productivity and ensure that the time tracked is recorded right where it matters.

Read our in-depth step-by-step support article on how you can integrate YoCoBoard with Trello. Or, contact us at support@yocoboard.com and we'd be happy to help! Don't have an account? Sign up here >>