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Improve Workplace Productivity

YoCo lets your employees punch in and out of the system every time they begin a task. This way, you can track the time they spent on each activity. This will help you manage your resources and projects more efficiently. In case someone forgets to log in or out of the system, s/he can make necessary adjustments and change the clocked hours as needed to make the results accurate. Then, s/he can request the administrator to approve the same. With no cheat sheet, administrators have the sole discretion of approving, editing or disapproving the requested adjustment.

Project-Specific Tracking

With YoCo, you can easily create projects and track progress of every member of the team. Thus, you no longer need to be in the dark about what your team did and when it did it. YoCo lets you stay clued into every development handled by the team. With YoCo, it's not only about efficient tracking of an individual employee but an entire team as well.

Make Your Mobile Workforce More Responsible

In today's age where many companies are increasingly employing a mobile workforce, chances are that you too belong to this league. However, tracking time spent by your employees on the move doing productive work is a tough task. With YoCo, you can set permission for both web and mobile access, thus letting your mobile workforce log into the platform via their smartphones or other smart devices. Thus, tracking their time on the job would no longer be a Herculean task.

Processing Payroll Becomes Easy

With YoCo, you can export your employees' clock in hours in CSV format and import the same easily into your payroll system. In case you don't need an entire month's report and want to pay hourly wages, you can select the requisite date range and get the required hours, either for a particular employee or an entire team.

If you are ready to start tracking with a new-age tool that's user-friendly, effective and built for speed, try YoCo now!