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Why Use Online Employee Monitoring Software?

Today, organizations employ a flexible workforce that can turn their living rooms into office workspaces, all thanks to technology and the internet. As you invest in a smarter workforce, your online employee monitoring software should scale to your business growth and help maintain transparency and accountability when it comes to time tracking. YoCoBoard is a free online employee monitoring software that helps your employees track their daily shift and productivity with just a click.

Your Employees Are In Charge

YoCoBoard lets your employees take control of their productivity by launching the YoCoBoard web app in any browser. Workers can clock in and clock out with the click of a button. Once clocked in, the employee's avatar will appear on the peer dashboard and will continue to stay there until the employee clocks out.

Clock in and clock out entries include an IP address in addition to a timestamp, both of which can be accessed in the YoCoBoard web app. In the event of forgetting to clock in, employees have the option to apply shift adjustments at the discretion of the admin.

Generate Shift Reports and Calculate Billable Hours

YoCoBoard saves all the tracked time and gives you a consolidated view of employee productivity for any chosen day, week or month. Generate reports for all peers created in your account and leverage filters to sort the data based on your preferences. These tracked hours can be exported as a CSV file to help quicken the payroll process for your workforce.

Transparent Employee Monitoring Integrations

YoCoBoard's web app can be launched from any web browser but also offers a lightweight mobile version in the form of a YoCoBoard mobile app for both Android and iOS-powered devices. Other popular apps that YoCoBoard integrates with include:


Export push notifications of your team's clock ins and clock outs, along with status updates from YoCoBoard to your designated Slack channel.


Track the time your employee spends in resolving Zendesk tickets.


Empower your team to start tracking time spent on Their trello cards.

What's in it for You?

YoCoBoard blends time tracking and productivity management for either centralized or distributed workforces to give you perfect online employee monitoring software. Transparent tracking and simplified operations ease both the time tracking for your workforce and data processing operations for your accountants. YoCoBoard redefines employee monitoring with an extensive set of powerful features scalable for any business of any size. Sign up now and get started in minutes.