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Why does your business need a work hours tracker?

Time is money and unaccounted time could sometimes make all the difference. The age of smartness calls for a superior online work hours tracking system that can be used by your team irrespective of their location, place or even time zones. With YoCoBoard as your work hours tracker, let your team members track time from the office, while working from a remote location, or when they're busy with multiple projects.

Benefits of using YoCoBoard as your online work hours tracking app

Anywhere, Any Device

When your work isn't chained to a desk, we believe that time tracking shouldn't be restricted to one form. YoCoBoard work hours tracking is supported by a powerful web app and lightweight Android or iOS apps for those who are on the go. Install the YoCoBoard Chrome extension or add the YoCoBoard add on for Firefox to track time from your web browser.

Your Team on the Same Page

Keep your team on one page. We give you a sleek Peer dashboard that displays the avatars of your team members when they clock in. And, the avatars disappear as members clock out, bringing your team together. With a "feeds" option, members can also post updates on what task they are working on.

Easy Break-ups

YoCoBoard is a cloud-powered work hours tracker that creates an exclusive profile for each team member that you add to a project. Access all the work hours and productivity details of a member by visiting his/her profile or simply generate a report for multiple team members at a go. With YoCoBoard, no time goes unaccounted for.

No Time is Lost

Place adjustments for missed periods along with your message to await approval from the admin. If you're busy sorting out a ticket on Zendesk, we have a YocoBoard-Zendesk integration that serves as a work hours tracker from inside the Zendesk ticket dashboard itself.

YoCoBoard takes care of your time tracking needs and is the online work hours tracker that makes payroll calculation and billing easy. Choose from the basic plan or the powerful Premium versions to start tracking time, and let no second go untracked. Sign up for an account in minutes with just an email address. Start tracking time with YoCoBoard now!