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Stay Online from Anywhere

Working from Anywhere can impact the way a team works. With the right tools, the transition from an office desk to a workspace at home becomes smooth. YoCoBoard is designed to help teams work from Anywhere and stay productive even when they are out of sight.

Do more than time tracking

With an online time tracker like YoCoBoard, your team becomes Anywhere ready without requiring any exclusive device, storage or intense training. Built for teams, YoCoBoard facilitates better collaboration with status to indicate their availability and project-based time tracking.

  • Enable team members to tag their sessions with appropriate descriptions and simplify payroll.

  • Let your team know who is online and who is off-shift. Improve transparency for effective collaboration.

  • Gather project-based split-up of the tracked time to find out projects that require more effort and the ones that require less.

  • Get insights into how people work. This will help you create a culture around the people you work not force people to adopt a culture.

Be one step ahead

Time tracking is a critical element of working anywhere. It is a simple starting point of a larger journey. By setting up processes and solutions in place for your team members to work from Anywhere, you ensure that your business goes on without any disruptions.

  • Switch to Anywhere when you are affected by a natural disaster or an epidemic like the ongoing Corona Virus scare.

  • Create a diverse team with the ability to recruit skilled members from across the globe.

  • Improve your team's work-life balance by reducing the time spent on commuting to the office.

  • Create teams that are close to their family and are happier.

  • Reduce your team's carbon footprint and help in creating a better future.

Why use YoCoBoard?

YoCoBoard isn't just another time tracking solution, it was built by people who have years of experience working from Anywhere. With years of success and some failures, we've channeled it to YoCoBoard, hoping that your team doesn't miss out on any minute.

Our journey didn't stop with time tracking, our exploration led to more tools that helped make work from Anywhere a sustainable solution more than a backup plan. For more tools, ideas and ways to work from Anywhere, we offer a suite of integrated solutions from team collaboration app, appointment scheduling software, answering services and much more.