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Work management simplified

Jira is an online work management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and work efficiently. Use tickets and boards to plan, track and release projects with complete visibility within the organization. Use real-time, visual data presented via reports to improve team performance. Jira gives us a compelling reason to move from cluttered whiteboards to a kanban project management tool that will save your time and resources.

Manage tasks and goals

Create your own workflow board to get a complete picture of the project you are working on. Assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, priority levels and track the progress. You can also raise issues if you notice anything amiss, at any stage. Jira also offers 3000+ apps and integrations to ensure seamless flow of work.

A time tracker inside Jira

YoCoBoard is an online time tracking software created to help teams or individuals track time spent on a project and manage their working hours better. With YoCoBoard, make time tracking accessible for multiple projects, and team members working across the globe. Tracking productivity on YoCoBoard is super easy. Clock-ins and clock-outs are accomplished with just a click! YoCoBoard creates a report of your team's productivity, simplifying the payroll process and saving time sheets in the cloud.

YocoBoard-Jira Integration

The YocoBoard-Jira integration simplifies time tracking on Jira for the convenience of your team! Your team members can track the time spent on every individual task or issue. Each clock-in will create a corresponding entry along with the task description on YoCoBoard to ensure that every minute of productivity is recorded.

Install the YoCoBoard integration from Jira Marketplace and login to your Jira account. Click install to finish the process. A YoCoBoard widget will be embedded on all tasks in your Jira project board. Avoid switching between multiple apps and focus your team's attention on what they do best!

Time your tasks with a toggle

The YoCoBoard-Jira integration brings time tracking to your project boards! Analyse the time spent on tasks and issues to optimise your project flow. Understand areas of complication to improve resource management and speed up task completion.

Give your team the best of online time tracking within the project management tool that they are familiar with.

Gift your team the freedom to focus on their tasks by bringing time tracking one step closer. Learn more with our YoCoBoard-Jira resource page. on how you can integrate YoCoBoard with Jira. Or, contact us at support@yocoboard.com and we'd be happy to help! Don't have an account? Sign up here >>