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Clock-In and Clock-Out

YoCo's hours tab lets users clock in and clock out with a simple click. As soon as the staff logs into his account, he can click the 'Clock-in' button in the 'Hour's tab to record his entry into office. At the end of the day, he would again need to access the 'Hour's tab and click the Clock-Out' button to record his exit time. Thus, the project managers can see in real time who comes and goes out. Even when your staff forgets to clock in or clock out, YoCo gives them the option to request the Admin for making adjustments accordingly. Thus, tracking employees' time on the job bocomes a breeze with YoCoBoard.

Easy Payroll Processing

YoCo's user-friendly hours tracker is built for speed. Time keeping with YoCo is so simple that once you start using it, you won't think about using anything else. Whether you need to track hours for your full-time employees or want reports for part-time workers who need to be paid hours or weekly wages, you can easily do them all with YoCo. Apart from tracking clock in and clock out records in real time, you can even export this data in CSV format and push it into your payroll system to process payrolls faster. So, whether you need to check the overtime, weekly/daily hours on the job, or want to generate monthly reports for multiple projects, YoCo can handle them all

Zero Investment

Unlike traditional time trackers that often need investment on your part for hardware or maintenance, YoCo is free. Thus, you get an efficient hours tracker with zero investment, which is sure to make life easier and help you get more done with less effort, and that too within a fraction of time that you had to spend earlier on the same tasks.

With its fast, effective and user-friendly features, YoCo is set to drive a stake in the heart of traditional timesheets and time trackers. Are you ready to take the plunge and see how YoCo can help your business?