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Keep an Eye on Employee's Attendance

With YoCo, you can track clock in and clock-out times of your employees in real time. Even tracking employee absence and paid time-offs become a breeze with this web time clock. In case you have hourly workers and need to pay for overtime, tracking the exact hours on work too becomes easy with YoCo. This way, your employees will become more responsible towards their attendance, knowing that you are tracking their time on the job. This will eventually encourage improved productivity and thus, an increased ROI.

Quick Payroll Processing

Manual payroll processing is often an uphill task. It becomes all the more difficult when you have both part time/hourly workers and full timers. While the former have to be paid either weekly or fortnightly based on the hours they put into work, the latter gets paid at month-end. With YoCo, you can easily track clock in records in real time or export the data in CSV format, which can then be pushed right into your payroll system or used to generate monthly reports. This way, you can quickly generate hours worked on the job and overtime totals, thereby generating payrolls on time and saving considerable time, efforts and money in the process.

Task Scheduling

With YoCo, you can monitor one or more than one projects by adding staff members to them. You can even delegate work by changing the role of a staff and track the progress from anywhere, at anytime, by simply logging into your account. Scheduling and delegating tasks have never been so easy.

Track on the Go

With the YoCo app, you can now track time for those employees who work from a remote location. Your employees too would be happy as they can clock in and clock-out using the app without the need of being tethered to a desk. Being able to optimize your mobile workforce or those who telecommute will even help you cut costs.

With so many benefits, YoCo is sure to make life a lot easier. So, when are you joining the league of satisfied YoCo users?