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Speedy Account Creation

Getting started with YoCo is nothing short of a breeze. As an Admin, you can create an account in less than a minute. You may either create a solitary project in your account or multiple ones, depending on your requirements. Next, you have to use YoCo's "invite-only" feature to add member to each project and assign them tasks. Once it's done, you can start monitoring their time on the job.

Clock-In and Clock-Out

In many offices, employees have to swipe their access cards while entering and leaving the office. YoCo's clock in and clock out features can be considered to be such access cards. Whenever an employee signs into his / her account, s/he needs to clock in. Similarly, after finishing work, the person needs to clock out. After sign in, the person can click the 'Clock In' button in the 'Hours' tab to clock in. To clock out, the 'Clock Out' button of the same tab needs to be clicked. Thus, with a simple click of a button, you can keep track of your staff members' punctuality and the hours they put into work.

Monitor As Many Staff Members As You Want

In YoCo, there's no cap on the number of staffs you can add to your project account. Thus, be it 2 or 20, you can add them all without paying a cent and monitor their time on the job with ease.

Role Change of Employees Made Easy

For the successful execution and completion of a project, you can't do all the work alone. You often have to delegate work to competent staff. YoCo facilitates the role change of a particular team member. Thus, if you want to change someone's role from 'Staff' to 'Admin', you just need to head to the 'Staff Members' option in your Admin tab and select the role you want to allocate to that person in the 'Role' field.

Thus, with YoCo, you not only get an efficient time clock but can also do a lot of other monitoring and co-ordination activities to ensure the speedy progress of your projects.