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Web-Powered Time Tracking

When your business sets its focus on creating an impact, it is essential that your project management and time tracking tool is open to multiple devices. YoCoBoard takes project management and time tracking online and empowers your employees to clock their work hours through a device connected to the internet. YoCoBoard's web app is browser-independent and helps you transform your web browser into an online time tracker. Your employees can also install the free YoCoBoard mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices, and simply tap to start tracking their working hours when they are away from their desks.

Transparent Project Management

Project-based time tracking provides accountability and helps management discover the activities that lead to maximum productivity. YoCoBoard gives you the option to create more projects so that your employees track hours based on the project they are engaged with. If you are hosting a team of freelancers, YoCoBoard is perfect to encourage project management among your team members. YoCoBoard's integration with Trello and Zendesk also helps your team track the task-based time inside each of those platforms.

Easily Process Raw Data

YoCoBoard streamlines the process of time tracking and makes it available for business owners to view the time records of a team member easily. Work hours, when exported as a CSV, include details of the project against which the time is tracked, which helps simplify payroll processing. YoCoBoard is powered by the cloud and doesn't consume a large quantity of your computer's data storage. Your team can easily place adjustments for the hours that they missed, and all clock-in adjustments are subject to the approval of the account admin.

Ideal for Any Team

YoCoBoard provides your business an affordable project management and time tracking solution. YoCoBoard doesn't require additional, expensive hardware devices to track time. Convert your hand-held smartphone into a mini time tracker with the mobile app to start tracking time. Project management and time tracking become easy for a team that has a fixed office space or a distributed workforce scattered across the globe, or even teams that work on the go.

Sign up for a YoCoBoard account and simplify time tracking and project management for your team. YoCoBoard is simple to set up and helps your team track the time that matters. Get started now with YoCoBoard