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When you work on multiple projects and are billed by the hour, tracking time for all projects in the same system can get complicated. Consultants, freelancers, or employees engaged with multiple projects need to track time spent on different projects meticulously to ensure that the right time is billed for the right project. With YoCoBoard, tracking time spent on multiple projects becomes easier for you, your team and your clients.

The project-specific time tracker organizes your time entries in the specific project when you switch from one project to another. Provide appropriate session description to add more clarity for a recorded session and simplify the billing process for your clients.

Create and handle projects easily

YoCoBoard lets you create projects for different clients independently and manage them asynchronously. If you have your team on YoCoBoard, assign members to your project and track productivity from the project board. YoCoBoard lets you clock in and out with a click and switching between projects will automatically end the current session under the old project and start a new session with the new project.

Turn working hours into money

YoCoBoard also lets you map clients to your projects easily. Create clients and assign projects to the client. Generate clear reports and narrow down to the specifics using YoCoBoard's advanced filters. Calculate billable hours easily with YoCoBoard in a format that can be processed by your client.

Time tracking that goes with you

Project management applications help you track the progress of your work. YoCoBoard offers integrations with popular applications like Trello and Asana so that you can track your work across apps without constantly switching tabs. YoCoBoard tracks your productivity in the background while you focus on completing the project ahead of the deadline.

One tap tracking

When work requires you to step away from your desk, YoCoBoard's mobile app empowers you to track time even when you are on the go. Log your sessions with a tap on your Android or iOS device and add descriptions to ensure effort spent on a project does not go unnoticed.