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yocoboard Chrome Extension

Add the YoCoBoard extension to your Chrome extension to bring time tracking to the world's favorite browser. Track time spent on websites, log working hours, or simply record your time spent on Trello and Asana through the YoCoBoard Chrome extension. Bring a streamlined YoCoBoard extension to your Chrome toolbar and start the clock with just mouse over and a click.

How to track time spent on Chrome?

Step 1

Install the YoCoBoard Chrome extension with a single click from the Chrome Web Store.

yoco extension in the chrome web store

Step 2

After the installation is complete, the YoCoBoard extension will appear in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser's toolbar.

enable extension

Step 3

Click the YoCoBoard extension and login to your YoCoBoard account. New to YoCoBoard?
Sign up here >

sign in to yocoboard

Step 4

Once everything is set up, click the YoCoBoard extension on your browser to open a popup window where you can clock in, clock out, or navigate to the full YoCoBoard web application in an instant.

control yocoboard from the extension

Once you're clocked in, you can use the extension or add-on to quickly check how long you've been working, add a task description to your current session, and more without opening the app in a new tab.

Keep a tab on your productivity

The YoCoBoard Chrome extension is tailored to provide you a distraction-free browsing experience. Track time with a click, switch between tasks easily, and don't worry about finding the tab your online time tracker is buried under.

Start from where you've left

With the YoCoBoard Chrome extension, easily tag projects and add task descriptions to your active session. Working on the same task? Resume a previously logged session with just a click and say goodbye to adding repetitive descriptions.

Unlock Free Asana and Trello Time Tracker

The YoCoBoard Chrome extension lets you add a time tracking widget within your Trello and Asana cards. One click and YoCoBoard will start a new session, tag the task description and project name to your session automatically. Here's how you add YoCoBoard to Asana and Trello:

Step 1

On the Chrome Toolbar, click extensions and Manage Extensions.

manage extension

Step 2

Click the Details button in the YoCoBoard Chrome extension and choose Extension Options.

choose to get chrome widgets support

Step 3

Check Asana or Trello and the YoCoBoard widget will appear on your Trello cards and Asana Tasks.

enable widgets synchronisation

Why use the YoCoBoard Chrome extension?

Go minimal

Get an overview of your work hours and productivity with the Chrome extension.

Powered by a click

One click is all you need to clock in, clock out, expand, minimize or sign out.

Web-app launcher

Launch YoCoBoard web app right from the extension for a detailed overview.

Get the YoCoBoard extension for your Chrome browser and track time effortlessly.