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Install the YoCoBoard add-on to your Firefox browser to clock-in and track your current working hours and productivity with a few clicks. The add-on is a compact extension of YoCoBoard that can either help you log your working hours or can be used to track time spent on Trello/ Asana when launched on your Firefox browser.

How to install the Firefox add-on?

Step 1

Install the YoCoBoard Firefox add-on with a single click from the Firefox Add-ons Store.

Step 2

Once complete, the YoCoBoard add-on will appear in the top-right corner of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 3

Click the add-on and log into your YoCoBoard account. Don't have a YoCoBoard account yet? Sign up for Free now >

Step 4

Use the YoCoBoard add-on to clock in, clock out, or redirect to the YoCoBoard web application in an instant.

Once you're clocked in, you can use the add-on to quickly check your working hours, without opening the app in a new tab. To access and work with other advanced YoCoBoard features like adjustments, click view all link in the extension and you'll be taken to the YoCoBoard web application.

Waste no working minute

Ensure that you spend more time building things that solve a problem and create an impact, or interact with clients to understand their pain points. With the YoCoBoard add-on, bring time tracking to the browser of your choice and minimize the time spent in shuffling between different apps.

Track time on your project

The YoCoBoard add-on is a streamlined version of your dashboard. Clock-in, clock-out and switch projects without having to go to the web app. The tracked time is automatically saved under the project you choose so that you focus on bigger things at hand.

Bonus: Firefox add-on for Trello and Asana

With the YoCoBoard add-on, bring time-tracking capabilities to your project management app.

Step 1

Enable the YoCoBoard add-on for Trello/Asana in the preferences tab of the add-on.

Step 2

A YoCoBoard widget will appear on your Trello card or the Asana task. Click the widget to track time for that task. The Task/card name becomes the task description of your session automatically.

For step by step instruction to install the YoCoBoard Firefox Add-on, Click here >

Our Feature Board

Time Tracking

The YoCoBoard add-on gives you a compact display of your present-day productivity.

Simple usage

From clocking in to signing out, a click is all you need to get this add-on going.

Easy navigation

Switch to the YocoBoard web app easily from the add-on at the click of a button.

Install the YoCoBoard add-on to your Firefox web browser and track time effortlessly.