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Track time spent in resolving tickets on Zendesk

The YoCoBoard-Zendesk integration gives your business a free online time-tracking widget that enables your employees and agents to clock in and track their shift hours, while they resolve tickets in their Zendesk dashboard.

How does the YoCoBoard-Zendesk Integration work?

Activating the integration is simple. Log in to your Zendesk account and go to the YoCoBoard App listing in the Zendesk app directory. Click the install button and the YoCoBoard widget will appear on your ticket dashboard.

Now, your employees can sign in to their YoCoBoard account right from the widget and track shift hours spent on resolving tickets. Work hour entries logged in the widget will sync with the overall work hours tracked using the YoCoBoard web app.

Here's why you need the YoCoBoard Widget for your business

Shift Time Tracking

Get shift-based break summary of your employee's productivity from their clocked work hours.

Productivity Analysis

Get real-time information that helps you find out which tickets consume a lot of work hours.

Ticket-Based Tracker

Capture ticket details and ensure that the time tracked is for the ticket being resolved.

Get the YoCoBoard online time tracking widget for your Zendesk dashboard to empower your employees and agents to clock in and out while tracking the time they spend in resolving tickets in their Zendesk dashboard. Read our in-depth step-by-step support article on how you can integrate YoCoBoard with Zendesk. If you haven't got the app that redefines time tracking for your business, sign up for an account right here. Or, contact us at support@yocoboard.com and we'd be happy to help!